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100% Handmade with Love.


Inspired by the sounds of nature, the artist created and engineered the meditation glass water fountain to help attract harmony, health, and prosperity into one’s environment.


Tune out the world chatter and bring peace into your personal space with this eye catching and soothing piece of fused art glass. 


Every person young and old will benefit from the calming and healing effect of the fountain’s vibration.


Various sizes of opaque and transparent glass are kiln fused to a polished pebble look, which brings a delightful texture to the piece.


A mixture of robin’s egg blue, wispy white and aqua blue is refreshing, uplifting and cheerful.  These colors will strengthen creativity and inspiration, along with soothing and balancing the mind and the emotions.  They also symbolize credibility and reliability.


The fluted bowl was designed as flowing water to bring in the beauty of nature’s finest and the lighted feature within will make the fountain come alive with reflections of colors dancing to its tune.


Each fountain is unique as colors may vary and is truly one of a kind.


Easy set up and easy care.


Dimensions: 8” round x 5” high. 6lbs of glass 
The tier sizes are 7..25”, 6.25” and 5”.


Signed by the artist.


Custom colors available.


Aqua Ice - Meditation, Lighted, Indoor, Tabletop, Aqua, Glass Water Fountain

  • 8" round x 5” H. Tier sizes are 7.25”, 6.25” and 5"

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