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The Artist

" I am fascinated in how glass can bring vibrant colors, texture, depth, light and sound to a piece.  I strive to give expression of love and beauty in all my creations."

My passion is to bring the beauty of glass art in unique mediums.  Working with different sizes of glass frit or melting glass at high temperatures can bring mystery and uniqueness to every piece I create.  Aiming for the organic look of melted glass will bring one’s soul into the adventure of their imagination when they meditate on the art piece. Every creation is truly one of a kind and in helping to keep our planet green, I will use reclaimed glass in my work.

​All my creations are 100% handmade from the ground up using fused glass & stained-glass skills.

​I focus on creating art that is functional and that has a meaningful purpose to it. Being a certified Feng Shui consultant, I use these principles in my art to bring energy into a blocked area of one’s home and enhance that special corner to bring the desires of the heart.

​I have been fusing glass since 2001 and had taught classes and workshops in a well-established store in Denver, CO. I attended workshops with Richard La Londe, Lisa Vogt, and Petra Kaiser.


I continue to educate myself through workshops and creative experiments.

I currently work out of my home studio in Denver, CO.





Absolutely a museum quality piece of art! At night it is spectacular and the soothing sound brings peace to my soul. The artist is delightful and would highly recommend. Sandy Canada

My fountain exceeded my expectations. The reflections of the colors day or night are both lovely. The pump is quiet and the water gives a calming muted bubbly sound. The remote makes it easy to turn on the fountain, which my husband and sons turn on first thing in the morning. Chris Denver, CO

I truly don't know where to begin, not only is Gaylene incredibly talented, but she is also an amazingly kind person. I received the sunburst fountain, and it is stunning. The way the colors come together and reflect is nothing I've ever seen before. The fountain is so soothing, and it was very easy to set up. I know it'll definitely be a piece of art that I will always be proud to show in my home! I think every home would be a little brighter if they had one of these fountains. Erin

Love the tranquil fountain. Soooo relaxing, my favorite piece of art. C.G. Denver, CO

The fountain is more beautiful than I imagined. Such a delight to hear and see it's beauty every evening. I love it! S. Malan Canada

Calming effect is unbelievable. Gaylene hand makes all of her glass work, and she includes backlighting in the design so that at night it really sets itself apart. We are so impressed and happy with the new piece. D&L: Denver, CO


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